About us

We are a charitable organisation delivering blood, blood products, breast milk & medical products by motorbike between the hospitals in Dublin and the Greater Leinster area FREE of charge.
This is all done by volunteers in their free time for no financial reward.

Who Are We?
We are an enthusiastic group of motorcyclists keen to make a difference. We are all advanced riders and we aim to use our skills, time and enthusiasm to help the hospitals in Ireland. We are all experienced riders and are Garda vetted.

Blood Bike Volunteers with our patron PJ Gallagher. PJ is also a volunteer rider.
Blood Bike Volunteers with our patron PJ Gallagher. PJ is also a volunteer rider.

What Do We Do?
We transport blood, blood products, breast milk, x-rays, tests etc. between hospitals and blood clinics. We are the only blood bike group to have agreements in place in the Leinster area.

When Do We Operate?
After hours. Weekdays 7pm – 7am, All day Weekends and Bank Holidays.

Who Do We Serve?
We primarily serve the hospitals in the East of the country. Most of our volunteers hold down a full time job and give up some of their spare time in aid of Blood Bikes East. As with most charitable organisations run by volunteers, without the dedication of these people we could not operate! The area we cover is vast in size (it is, geographically, the largest area covered by a Blood Bike group) so we need a large group of volunteers.
We are signing up volunteers constantly, whether it be for riding bikes, fundraising or manning the phones every little bit helps.

Why Do We Do It?
Every time an item needs to go from one Hospital to another, outside of normal operating hours, it has to pay for a taxi, courier or ask the ambulance service to take it. Our organisation provides this service FREE of charge. To estimate how much we could save each hospital is difficult, it depends on a lot of factors, we could be capable of saving them somewhere in the region of €100,000 annually, but we would be hoping to do as much as we can and would hope to surpass that amount. Our riders are highly trained and can safely negotiate the traffic where as a large vehicle would be unable to do so, unless an emergency blue light vehicle is taken off an already overstretched service. We will get the job done as efficiently while negating the need to put more work on an already overstretched service and allow them to maintain their excellent performance without hindrance.

Who Pays?
We get all of our funding from collections and corporate donations. We are a registered charity CHY20552.

Is This A New Idea?
No it has been in England since the 1960’s

What we need?
Donations, Corporate Sponsorship, Riders, Phone Co-coordinators & fundraisers.  Please see our volunteer page

How Do We Donate to You?
By posting your donation made payable to
“Blood Bike East”17 Main St, Bray, Co Wicklow or by using Paypal link on the right hand side. All donations supplied with an address will be receipted. We also have a donate button at the top of the page.